You are conscious about your vehicle and don't want it to go without tender love and care. That's why you always make sure the oil is changed regularly, but could you be doing it too regularly? If you have a newer vehicle and you're still changing oil every 3,000 miles, then yes.

Why 3,000 Miles Is No Longer Required

3,000 miles used to be the correct interval in between oil changes, but no longer. Newer vehicles, plus newer oil technology, have allowed the interval to increase to sometimes as high as 10,000 miles in between changes. You should make sure you're following your owner's manual recommendations for oil changes.

When it's time to get an oil change, our dealership makes it easy. It's basically just a drive into our garage and we'll change out your old oil for fresh oil. All you have to do is come to Jenkins Hyundai in Bridgeport to get your oil checked and changed.

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