More shoppers than ever agree that an SUV is the perfect automobile for work and play. Their roominess, power, and versatility make it easier to handle any task the rigors of daily life may throw your way. Here are five perks of owning one of these utilities.

1. Carry More People
Transporting family members or friends is a lot easier and more comfortable in an SUV. Depending on your needs, you can acquire one with two rows, or three.

2. A Safer Vehicle
Research and accident reports show SUVs protect occupants better than cars. Furthermore, many of our models come with safety features that help prevent accidents.

3. Greater Towing And Hauling Capacity
A larger vehicle means being able to do more with it. This includes folding down the back rows to accommodate cargo, or even towing everything from campers to boats.

4. Better Off-Road Capability
Higher ground clearance, stronger suspension systems, and more powerful transmissions all make SUVs perform better off-road than cars. Ask your sales representative what the model you’re looking at is rated for.

5. See The Road Better
SUV drivers are seated higher, and thus have a clearer view of the road ahead. This allows them to better see trouble ahead and prepare accordingly.

Want more great reasons to check out our selection of new Hyundai SUVs? Browse our online inventory to check out the individual models, or contact our Bridgeport, WV dealership for more information.

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