Oil change is probably the most important routine maintenance done on any vehicle. Why is it so important, you might ask?

An oil change involves replacing old oil from the engine and replacing it with fresh, new oil, and swapping out the filter at the same time. Modern cars have many moving parts especially the engine, and they rub each other as the vehicle moves. The friction and heat caused are absorbed by oil and offering lubrication. Over the time, the oil breaks down and becomes less effective at absorbing heat from the engine and lubricating moving parts. As a vehicle owner, your goal should be to change the oil before it breaks down and cause major damage to your engine.

Changing oil as stipulated by the manufactures assures your car engine long life. Visit Jenkins Hyundai today in Bridgeport, WV to learn more about changing car oil. Our service team can advise you on the best oil to use for your vehicle.

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