Having your vehicle's oil changed on a regular basis at the service department at Jenkins Hyundai is important to performance. Have you ever wondered what those numbers and letters on the bottle of motor oil mean? They relate to viscosity, measuring the amount of resistance that a particular motor oil has as it flows throughout the engine. Oil moves more slowly the higher its viscosity.

Let's use a bottle of 10W-30 motor oil as an example. The number before the "W" indicates the viscosity of this oil when the engine is cold, and the oil must be thinner in viscosity in order to move easily. The number after the "W" refers to a viscosity of 30 traveling through a heated engine.

Most vehicles require both a fast and slow viscosity range within the same oil product rather than a single grade, with most engines requiring a 10W-30 grade. To learn more or make your Hyundai service appointment, contact the professionals at Jenkins Hyundai.

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