Have you ever been stuck on the side of the road with a broke down vehicle? If so you were probably of the traffic zooming past you. Luckily some people hopefully were courteous enough to get over which you probably greatly appreciated. With that in mind could you imagine working on America's roadways every day and the risk that it presents?

If so it will be easy for you to understand why all 50 states in the US have enacted "Slow Down or Move Over" laws. Every year more than 200 people lose their lives after being struck by cars while on the roadside.

"Slow Down or Move Over" laws are as simple as what they sound. When a vehicle is roadside with their emergency flashers on drivers are required by law to move into the other lane and when they are unable to they are required to slow down when passing the vehicle. Here at Jenkins Hyundai, we hope that you will share this information to help increase awareness surrounding these laws.

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