A dead battery sabotages travel plans. Try jumpstarting a car if another vehicle’s around. Put the hoods approximately 16 inches apart with engines off. Engage automatic transmissions and manual ones in Neutral.

Using jumper cables, clamp one end of the positive (+) red cable to the positive end of the dead battery. Attach the other end of the positive clamp to the good battery's positive. Attach one end of negative (-) black cable clamp to the working battery’s negative terminal. Clamp the other negative end to a metal part of the engine (block, bracket or nut) of the dead car.

Run the working car’s engine one to two minutes. Start the other car and let it run. Remove the black cable followed by the red one. Drive the vehicle for awhile. If it doesn’t start, call the service department of Jenkins Hyundai to buy new tires for your vehicle.


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