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Cabin and Engine Filters Prolong Your Performance

Nobody enjoys driving a vehicle whose air conditioner is filling the cabin with dust. Also, most of us are not likely to let our engine get destroyed by every single road particle that hits it during the drive. Enter cabin and engine air filters.

These two filters play a significant role in extending the useful life of your motor and cleansing the cabin air that you breathe. 

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We Will Help You Choose the Right Tires

Our friendly staff is always ready to assist you with important decisions, and the type of tires that you pick out is important. At Jenkins Hyundai, we will help you consider your options and choose tires that will make your car all that it should be. Our Bridgeport, WV service center offers a variety of tires, and you should think about the way that different options will work for you.

Performance tires are great for when you are looking for a smooth ride and when you would like for your car to be quiet on the roads. Snow tires are…

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What Does Motor Oil Do For You?

Your car is full of incredibly complex and advanced parts that work seamlessly together to help your car run perfectly. One of the most integral, if not the most important is the engine. Yes, the engine powers the car, but how does it keep running so smoothly with all of the moving parts. Motor oil, that’s how.

Inside your engine there is a huge combination of parts that are moving at incredibly high speeds. When these parts move this fast, heat is created and of course there is a huge amount of friction. There needs to be some way…

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Certified Hyundai Parts in Bridgeport

At Jenkins Hyundai, we know that auto parts like auto glass, tires, rims, wheels, spoilers, floor mats and automotive lighting don't just enhance your car, truck or SUV - they make it a unique expression of who you are. That's why we offer drivers from Bridgeport and surrounds access to the region's most comprehensive selection of auto parts and accessories. When you utilize our parts and accessories database, you can find all the parts and accessories you need for your exact model, year and trim.

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